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The Kartini Music School for Girls, now being planned by educators and musicians in Bandung, Indonesia, New York, Paris and Salzburg, will be a liberal arts school for girls and young women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. While the curriculum will be broad, music education and performance will be at its core. Moreover, it seeks to enroll students from underserved and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, primarily in the Yogyakarta area, but also across Indonesia. The School is currently receiving additional guidance from the Bandung Symphony Orchestra, faculty at Yale University, and from individuals and organizations elsewhere. At this point, during these challenging days of the pandemic, the School is providing online instruction in limited numbers in strings and piano. The vision is that it will grow into a day and, eventually, a boarding school. Those interested in joining in this effort, or who would like additional information, please contact:

Here is a short video of three young students who have started their musical journey with the Heath sisters:

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